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Re: sftp on a Windows 2003 server


<>. Please. It's really not polite to include
the email address of others in the body of your reply. It just opens them up to more

On 09/23/2009 04:23 PM, Dave M wrote:
Then I wrote:
On 09/23/2009 03:25 PM, Dave M wrote:
    Two questions:
1) Should I run the ssh-host-config now or wait until the mkgroup issue is resolved?

Since you plan to use a local user for ssh/sftp, you can skip the mkgroup issue for now.

2) Do I need to resolve the mkgroup issue, and if so, how?

I'd like to see your 'cygcheck -srv' output and what 'ls -l /etc/group /etc/passwd' says. *Attach* the former to your reply when you're ready to look at this issue.
   Here is the cygcheck -srv output:

Actually, I asked that you *attach* it, not in-line it. This is the same request that
<> makes and for good reason. Now people searching
the email archives for 'openssh' or 'HOME' are going to find your message. That's
unlikely to be the thing they are looking for.

So, a few comments based on your cygcheck output:

1. Can you get direct access to this machine or is everything through TS?
2. Any user on this machine will be better off with the Cygwin home directory
that comes from '/etc/passwd'. Check that '/etc/passwd' has a "/home/<user>"
home directory, most preferably with <user> not containing any spaces, for the
user you'll be logging into ssh/sftp as.
3. If you plan to install and use Cygwin 1.5 (the current release), you should
reference the documentation for that at References I sent you
previously were for the upcoming 1.7 release.

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