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Re: [1.7] Invalid UTF8 while creating a file -> cannot delete?

2009/9/23 Corinna Vinschen:
> I have a local patch ready to use the ANSI codepage by default in the
> "C" locale. ÂIt appears to work nicely and has the additional positive
> side effect to simplify the code in a few places.
> If I only new that eastern language users could happily live with
> this change as well!

Here's an idea to circumvent the DBCS troubles: default to UTF-8 when
no charset is specified in the locale and the ANSI charset isn't

Based on the following grounds:
- Full CJK support (and more) out of the box.
- DBCSs can't have worked very well in 1.5 in the first place, because
the shell and most applications weren't aware of double-byte
characters. Hence backward compatibility is less of an issue here.
- Applications that don't (yet) work with UTF-8 are also unlikely to
work correctly with DBCSs.
- Iwamuro Motonori asked for it.


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