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Re: Rsync and Alternate Data Streams

On Sep 23 13:34, Andreas Heinlein wrote:
> Hello,
> no, I do *not* want to transfer ADS with rsync, that would be an FAQ ;-)
> But I have setup rsyncd on a windows host using cygwin. This machine
> hosts files with ADS which are created by Antivirus software and change
> frequently. I do not need to save these ADS, but somehow they seem to
> lead rsync to believe the file has changed and transfer it again. Since
> we are doing multi-generation backups with rsync and hard links (using
> the --link-dest option), this greatly increases space requirements. I
> compared old and new files, and they are exactly identical in size,
> name, path, permissions (as UNIX/cygwin sees them), they have the same
> md5sum.
> I have not yet tried running rsync with the checksum option, but since
> we are backing up > 200.000 files, that would likely take much too long.
> Do you have any ideas how to change this behaviour?

Look for the rsync --size-only option.  Probably the Antivirus stuff
changes the modification date, which is usually used by rsync for a
quick decision what has changed.

Alternatively use another Antivirus software which does not modify the
files on disk.


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