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Is this a known problem with getenv() ?

I first started using cygwin almost exactly a year ago.  Because of other
pressures I put it on the back burner (about 6 months ago) at which point,
it was current.  However, I haven't upgraded for about 6 months.

This morning I needed to compile an app that uses the C call,
getenv("PATH");  Let's say for the sake of argument that this was my path
(as displayed in a console window after typing "set") :-


That's not my actual path - just an example.  Cygwin's getenv() is returning
something like this:-


Basically, any path folder that ends in '/bin' is being inserted into the
path multiple times and I just wondered if this was a known problem?
FWIW if I use the glib equivalent (g_getenv) I get the same problem (which
probably just indicates that g_getenv is a wrapper around getenv).

Thanks for any advice,


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