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Re: how to let cygwin does not mount /bin /usr/bin automaticlly?

On 09/22/2009 11:30 AM, ïãçåæ wrote:
On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 23:06, Larry Hall (Cygwin) <reply-to-list-only-lh...> wrote:
<>.  Thanks.

On 09/22/2009 11:01 AM, tianlijian wrote:

I use a older version of 1.7, which do not mount `/bin', `/usr/bin' automatically. It works well.

Why do you care what Cygwin requires here? Are you having a problem?
I want to put thd command according to filesytem hierarchy standard,
that is putting the cmd such as sh in /bin, and env in /usr/bin/.

Ah, OK. I understand your goal. However, with Cygwin, there is really no difference in the two directories, which is why one is mounted to the other. While you are free to change this, it will be a non-standard configuration and any problem you encounter as a result won't be supported by this list.

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