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Re: The C locale

2009/9/22 Lapo Luchini:
> Andy Koppe wrote:
>> This way, the non-ASCII needs of most users are covered
>> out-of-the-box [...]
>> Windows filenames show up correctly in Cygwin as long as they're
>> limited to the ANSI codepage.
> I fail to see how that is a desiderable thing.
> Filesystem is UTF-16, Cygwin is now Unicode-aware, but anything that
> doesn't fit ANSI is thrown away [...]?

No, it isn't. UTF-16 filename characters that can't be represented in
the current charset are encoded by a ^N followed by the character's
UTF-8 representation.

The current C locale, on the other hand, simply represents all
non-ASCII characters as UTF-8, even though the application charset is
ISO-8859-1. This means that even those characters that can be
represented in the application charset show up incorrectly. For
example, a Windows filename "bÃh" turns into "bÃÂh" in the C locale,
while it shows up correctly with explicitly set ISO-8859-1 or CP1252.

> As a user, the ability to show correctly formatted UTF-8 filenames is
> one of the features I most appreciated in Cygwin-1.7

That ability isn't going anywhere. As before, you need to set your
locale to one with a UTF-8 charset to get full UTF-8 support.

Btw, are you actually using the C locale?


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