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Re: The C locale

Lapo Luchini wrote:
> I fail to see how that is a desiderable thing.
> Filesystem is UTF-16, Cygwin is now Unicode-aware, but anything that
> doesn't fit ANSI is thrown away for the sake of retro-compatibility of
> Cygwin-1.5 which was not Unicode-aware?

On a second reading, I guess you meant that *ONLY for LANG=C* and leave
the current usage for LANG=xx_XX.UTF-8, is that so?

In that case, the "forced ANSI retro-compatibility" would only bit
people with a missing (or messed up) environment and that's an
ill-defined situation where nobody can really argue if he gets
suboptimal results.
Also, when used for scripts with no user-interaction being capable to
save every filename and read it again the same format is a sure pro.
If, OTOH, you're an interactive shell and your user likely wants to "see
stuff" well, he better set a LANG env.

PS: this would work around the "LANG=C ls" file-not-found issues, but a
solution for "LANG=xx_XX.UTF-8 ls" issue would still be neeeded.
(same goes for `find $dir -delete`)

Lapo Luchini -

âTwo can keep a secret if one is dead.â (anonymous)

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