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Re: Problem with GCC4[1.7]

Dave Korn wrote:
> Angelo Graziosi wrote:
>> I have done a minimal installation of Cygwin-1.7 and have tried to use
>> it playing to build GCC-4.4.1, but 'configure' hangs.
>> checking whether compiler driver understands Ada...
>> -------------------------------------------------------
>> Here it hangs. Task manager shows that 'gnat1.exe' take all the CPU in
>> usage (50%). If I kill gnat1 with task manager, the above 'configure'
>> continues:
>   Yes, this has just started happening to me, and I'm not 100% clear why.  The
> problem is that __main is getting called twice, leading to a loop in the
> linked list of registered EH data tables.  I don't understand how it managed
> to pass the testsuite so well when it does this after installation.  Nor do I
> understand why it's only just started doing this, unless top-level configure
> didn't used to check for ada by default and now it does.
>   For now I recommend uninstalling gcc4-ada, or just 'rm' the gnat executables
> from /bin.  I'll have a somewhat better (at least to the extent of not hanging
> like this) version out in 4.3.4-1 very shortly.  Apologies for the inconvenience.

  Alternatively, apply the attached hotfix using bspatch!


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