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Re: [1.7] sigwait bug (SIGCHLD delayed to a next regular signal)

On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 04:57:56PM +0000, Waldemar Rachwal wrote:
>A problem seems very close to one described in
>and now I don't think it can be easily explained by
>"limitation in Cygwin's implementation of SIGWINCH".
>What I did this time...
>When I fork children and next observe their termination in
>the parent process by means of sigwait(),
>*none* of the SIGCHLD signals is returned immediately until some other
>"regular" signal, let's say SIGINT, is sent to the parent.
>Apparently, signals like SIGWINCH and SIGCHLD, which are a little bit
>special, need to be kicked by other signal to be eventually returned by
>What makes these signals "special" is that their default action is `to
>IGNORE' and to be useful for sigwait() they need to register some dummy
>Maybe this has something to do why sigwait() doesn't work as

Thanks for the test case.  The problem has nothing to do with anything
"special" about SIGCHLD.  It's a signal like any other signal.

Cygwin was not performing sigwait() processing if there was a handler
set up for the signal.  Your test case would have worked if you had not
set up a dummy handler.

This will be fixed in the next snapshot.


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