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Re: 256 color terminal in basic (non-"X Windows") Cygwin

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 12:53 PM, Gwen Morse<> wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 9:08 AM, Andy Koppe<> wrote:
>>> 2009/8/25 Gwen Morse:
>>>> I use a game client called Tinyfugue that can make use of ANSI 256 color codes.
>>> $ rxvt -tn rxvt-256color -e game
>> D'oh, you'd already tried that of course.
>> This perl script can prove that the native rxvt supports 256 colours:
> Having tried the perl script it shows that 256 colors are definitely
> functional in my existing rxvt terminal.

I'm following up on an issue I posted about previously.

I fiddled with the settings in the shortcut that opens rxvt. When I
removed -tn rxvt-256color, the colors then worked in Tinyfugue, in my
cygwin install on my laptop.

I also carry cygwin-compiled Tinyfugue on a USB stick. What I did was
hand-copy the dlls needed and I created a shortcut and batch file that
provide the necessary command-line parameters to point to the right
directories. It works pretty well for me in this setup with the
standard windows terminal.

I copied rxvt.exe to the same directory on my usb stick, and then
copied libW11.dll, when rxvt.exe crashed without it. Now, I can open
rxvt and run tf. However, from the USB stick there are no 256 colors.
All I get is the 8 basic and bright colors. Also, tf's "visual" (split
screen) mode isn't supported.

I get a brief error message indicating rxvt doesn't support that mode.
However, it does on my home cygwin install.

Putting -tn rxvt-256color in the shortcut doesn't give me 256 colors
either. I found my "termcap" file in my cygwin laptop install and I
have a copy of it on my USB. However, I don't know how to point rxvt
to it. The best I can find reading online man pages is setting the
"TERM" environment variable, which isn't the same thing.

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