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Re: cygdrive prefix

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 06:36:26AM +0100, Andy Koppe wrote:
>2009/9/17 Christopher Faylor:
>>>My real gripe is with setup telling me off about putting Cygwin in the
>> My real gripe is people who COMPLAIN ABOUT FREE SOFTWARE where they
>Ah, that old lazy chestnut. Feedback not welcome. At least get a bug
>tracker, so you can more efficiently ignore it.

Yes, we are in standard territory.  You send a complaint to thousands of
people and I respond with the observation that you have the power to fix
the problem yourself.  There is nothing new to see here although it is
surprising to me that you, in particular, are in this territory since I
would have thought you were one of the people who "got it".

We do have a bugzilla tracker for setup.exe but it doesn't get checked
much since we don't really have a dedicated setup.exe maintainer
anymore.  We have various people like Dave Korn, Corinna, and me making
changes when we see obvious bugs but there isn't one person responsible
for setup.exe overall.

(We did, at one point, have a plan for updating the bugzilla but it,
also, has fallen into disuse)

It would be nice if someone would go through the list and clean it up but
I'm not holding my breath.

In any event, we obviously HAVE made many changes to setup.exe and HAVE
accepted patches.  The most notable recent change is the one to search
for packages.  If you, or anyone, wants to help we appreciate it.


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