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Re: mingw question : Post repetita

Vincent R. wrote:

> I want to try to compile cegcc-4.4.0 (gcc targetting windows ce) with a
> mingw compiler but I don't know which one to choose.
> As always with open source software I can use :
> a) mingw(4.4.0) compiler from mingw project
> b) mingw32(4.4.1) compiler from mingw64(maybe renamed in monika) project
> c) mingw(3.4.4) from cygwin
> When choosing option c) how do you select mingw compiler ? I found some
> old post but don't know if it's still valid.

  You need to make sure the compiler is invoked with "-mno-cygwin".  And that
gcc-3 is the default set in your alternatives configuration (which it should
be unless you've manually changed it).

> Do I need to pass some CFLAGS ?

  Well, that depends on how your makefile system works, but CFLAGS is the
standard way to pass an option through to the compiler.  However you may have
problems using a compiler that old with recent code; hard to predict.

> Dave, by the way when will it be possible to play with your
> cygwin-mingw-4.3x compiler

  I'm running the final full testsuite.  Started Monday evening, exploded
horribly late last night somewhere in the fortran compiler tests, needs
restarting from where it left off, will take several more days to run.
Assuming the results are then good (they have all been so far), I'd update the
README and upload it.  I know I've said "coming soon" before, but a whole
bunch of bugs cropped up that needed fixing.  I think they're fixed now, but
can't be certain until I finish the test cycle.

> PS : I am posting again because I hijacked another thread. Sorry about
> that.

  But it's no use replying-to your first hijack post to try and start a new
thread, it just ended up in the same thread anyway!


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