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Re: cygdrive prefix

Linda Walsh writes:

> [...] OTOH, at least the defaults are pretty sensible ...

Pretty sensible, indeed.  I love /cygdrive as just another example of a
pretty sensible default.

> ... (I can just hit ENTER), through the setup ...

...and the default buttons in the GUI are always in the same place on
the screen, so if I happen to use a mouse I can just click through, no
need to move the mouse.  Not a big deal, maybe, but if so, why are so
many other installers missing it?

> ... -- the end -- how many times do I have to tell setup
> that I *STILL* don't want the icon on my desktop??!

I eventually got around that one.

I found that I do not want *any* icons on my desktop and switched them
off completely.  There is an option in the "Sort symbols" function of
the desktop.

And since then I completely fail to be annoyed by the mess of icons
which your average installer will drop on my desktop.  Most of them
don't even ask whether they should.

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