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Re: cygdrive prefix

Shaddy Baddah wrote:
> In this case, although cygwin has a package management system, it is
> not going to manage the non-cygwin stuff dropped into c:/bin,lib,
> etc. And that means if a user goes and installs something like msys
	I knew I had a good reason for thinking it would cause trouble
to try to install that on my Cygwin system.  I know Cygwin has a
good, integrated, 'unix' type feel, and adding 'warts' to it just
didn't seem like a great idea.  
	"msys" _seems_ to be a smallish (cf. to Cygwin) collection
of unix-like utils, ported to the windows world, while Cygwin is a 
âwidely used Unix platformâ, one of three on a list containing 
âLinux, Mac OS X, & Cygwinâ.âÂâ

	So why would I wanna break my 'platform'?
	If I catch an app messing w/my "bin" dir (et al), I'll
likely consider it an 'unfriendly', or 'ill behaved', 'app' -- at
least on my systems.  Of course I really don't like all the apps that
install into the 'window's 'bin' dir of /windows/system32, but that's
considered normal practice -- that and storing my 'user data' under
'prog' instead of under my 'profile'...just bad form.

	Though, now that I think about that, any of my changes in
/bin (& /usr, /etc...) are also outside of my 'home dir', so that's
a bit unsanitary of me (besides exposing me to lower backup frequency), but
to thoroughly cure that, I'd have to install cygwin under my profile dir.

	I suppose I should try to map "copies" of my root-level changes
(/etc/passwd, group.. some login scripts...etc) into my profile dir, or
at least setup a cron-job rsync, to run daily....



âÂâ - "_Fonts_&_Encodings_", Yannis Haralambous, O'Reilly, 2007, p489.

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