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Re: cygdrive prefix

Andy Koppe wrote:
> 2009/9/17 Christopher Faylor:
>>> My real gripe is with setup telling me off about putting Cygwin in the
>> My real gripe is people who COMPLAIN ABOUT FREE SOFTWARE where they
> Ah, that old lazy chestnut. Feedback not welcome. At least get a bug
> tracker, so you can more efficiently ignore it.
	Lots of things are free in life.  Doesn't mean we don't
wish things were different that others can change much more easily than
we can.  

	I do like the idea of a '' though.
Then if I am posting about a problem, I don't have to wonder if
it will be taken as me reporting a 'bug', and why didn't I follow
the guidelines about including a dump.   I usually like to find out
if something is already known, or there's a known confusion that I
might be stumbling into, or whatever before I file a bug.  

	There's always the old saw about what I might think is
a bug is some intentional feature -- just working a bit odd
in some edge case.  Or there's the idea of 'collecting data points'
to see if anyone else has noticed anything strange with feature
"X" (as I often do strange things with feature "X" and don't know
if my experience is unique, rare, or common...etc...

	I certainly wouldn't suggest the default being in root,
it would be bad software vendor (RH parent company) policy.  OTOH,
at least the defaults are pretty sensible (I can just hit ENTER),
through the setup -- the end -- how many times do I
have to tell setup that I *STILL* don't want the icon on my desktop??!

	Having the source is pointless if it doesn't get integrated
back into the base, and last couple of times I tried to build it,
I ran into unexpected and unique errors because I don't have the exact
same setup as those who regularly do development on cygwin.  I might
be missing things they take for granted that any developer would have
OR I might have something that is interfering in some odd way.

	I know I have a chronic problem on linux with configure
scripts where they will die because 'config.h' or 'Makefile' have
been created with directories with the "proper", or expected,
content, in a file inside the directory.  That error has persisted
over fresh machine installs over multiple OS upgrades.  Really
weird when it happens, as no one seems to have experienced the same
problem -- and it's not tied to any one software package.  



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