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Re: tcl/tk/expect/dejagnu/gdb/insight

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
> On 14/09/2009 18:14, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> ... IIRC ...
> That is incorrect.  Tk's dependencies are several X libraries which are
> all available from the distro.

I see.  That's good to know.

>> 'Course, this broke my insight since I didn't bother to rebuild gdb.
>> But, if it would help, I can post these cygport files (which may differ
>> very slightly from the Cygwin Ports-supplied and -dependent ones).
> How so?

1) newer versions: tcl 8.5.6 --> 8.5.7, tk 8.5.6 --> 8.5.7
2) include both cygwin port patches and applicable debian ones
3) follow debian lead for installing private header files in a separate
subdirectory, and update the fooConfig scripts to properly specify the
_SRC_DIR to point to those private directories
3) split up into multiple packages each

1) separate source distributions, instead of all built as a bundle a la'
cygwin-ports "itcl32" -- partly because the "32" moniker did not
uniformly fit them
2) the separate source packages no longer follow a lockstep version
numbering sequence. They are allowed to version bump at their own pace. So:
    itcl 3.2 --> 3.4b1
    itk  3.3 --> 3.3 (with patches)
    iwidgets 4.0.1 --> "4.0.2" (basically a CVS snapshot which includes
TEA support, as is used by Fedora)
3) Also, each project is split into multiple installation packages
(main, runtime, doc, devel, [demo])  Arguably, the 10 main and
runtimeX[.Y] packages should be merged into simply 5 runtimeX[.Y]
packages for each of these five groups.
4) include both cygwin port patches and applicable debian ones (in one
case, gentoo)

I could send them to you offline if you would like to knock them into
slightly better shape for cygwin-ports, as a "halfway house" before the
main cygwin distribution?


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