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Re: tcl/tk/expect/dejagnu/gdb/insight [Was: Re: [PATCH] Define _TIMEVAL_DEFINED consistently whenever defining timeval.]

On 14/09/2009 18:14, Charles Wilson wrote:
Anway, tcl-8.5.6 and tk-8.5.6 built easily on a bog-standard cygwin-1.7
system using the cygports derived from the Cygwin Ports project. I
couldn't just use the Cygwin Ports binaries because IIRC they depend on
other Cygwin Ports packages not available in the normal cygwin
distro...and I didn't want to pull in more than I needed.

That is incorrect. Tk's dependencies are several X libraries which are all available from the distro.

'Course, this broke my insight since I didn't bother to rebuild gdb.
But, if it would help, I can post these cygport files (which may differ
very slightly from the Cygwin Ports-supplied and -dependent ones).

How so?

While doing that, I was curious to see what else this change would break
(e.g. what else relies on tcltk):
which, honestly, isn't very much. I'd be concerned about all those
tcl-db${old_version} packages -- but it looks like there are no
in-distro users of them.  That leaves gdb, ruby, python, git, and parrot
-- all of which have active maintainers.  Plus suite3270 and brltty,
which I'm not sure about.

I see no plausible way to transition other than a simultaneous release of all these packages.


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