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Re: tcl/tk/expect/dejagnu/gdb/insight [Was: Re: [PATCH] Define _TIMEVAL_DEFINED consistently whenever defining timeval.]

Charles Wilson wrote:

> As an aside, 'gdbtui' is kinda neat; I'd never used that before even
> though it has long been part of cgf's gdb packages.

Oh, and one last thing I forgot. Perhaps the *simplest* compromise, that
allows us to (a) switch the "main" cygwin distribution to use X-based
tcl/tk, AND to have those packages derive from standard upstream sources
rather than gdb's, and (b) retain a working "insight" with minimal
changes to the gdb code base and keep it "native" is this:

a new insight package, compiled with in-tree tcl/tk/itck, but with the
whole schmeil installed into --prefix=/opt/insight as one big package.
No more separate tcltk (except as an empty upgrade helper).  Whether the
new package would provide the development files is maintainer's choice,
but at minimum /opt/insight would have


'Course, dropping insight entirely is even simpler.


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