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Re: [1.7] recursive /cygdrive problem

On 09/16/2009 11:24 AM, Shaddy Baddah wrote:

I am having a real problem with 1.7 that I am pretty sure is a
regression. Basically, I am trying to run a find over the cygwin root
installation directory itself, not from cygwin path /. However I am
finding that the cygdrive directory at the cygwin root installation
directory also mounts my drives. So, my find is finding a hole to make
its way out of the current directory. This also appears to be a
regression. The following is an example for 1.7:


Shaddy@x-vista /cygdrive/c/software/cygwin
$ ls ./cygdrive
c d e


Shaddy@x-vista /cygdrive/c/software/cygwin-1.5
$ ls ./cygdrive


Genuine bug?

No, a feature. Having the existing drives show up under '/cygdrive' is a convenience
for things like bash and other shells so that they can do completion on the paths to
these drives. If you don't want what's under the '/cygdrive' directory, you can omit
it from your invocation of 'find'.

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