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Re: Bug or feature missing in rsync.

Lapo Luchini wrote:
> Lapo Luchini wrote:
>> Dave Korn wrote:
>>>   It appears that cygwin has the xattr functions implemented and exported
>> Of course I'd like to; I didn't hope it could be as easy as that. =)
> Yes, it seems it was as easy as that.

  Hmm, it may or may not be...

> % rsync-3.0.6-1/inst/usr/bin/rsync.exe --version
> rsync  version 3.0.6  protocol version 30
> Copyright (C) 1996-2009 by Andrew Tridgell, Wayne Davison, and others.
> Web site:
> Capabilities:
>     64-bit files, 64-bit inums, 32-bit timestamps, 64-bit long ints,
>     socketpairs, hardlinks, symlinks, IPv6, batchfiles, inplace,
>     append, ACLs, xattrs, iconv, symtimes
> "make check" tests seems to have good results too, except the xattr one
> is a SKIP.
> Mhhh, that depends on a missing commandline "setfattr" utility.

  I downloaded
and found it builds OOTB, but my first attempt to use setfattr got me an error:

> $ ./setfattr/.libs/setfattr.exe -n bar -v baz foo
> setfattr: foo: Operation not supported

  Nor was getfattr capable of showing me the attributes I set in the windows
explorer file properties "summary" tab.  I'm taking a look through the strace
to see what's failing and why.  The code might need a little porting.


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