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Re: Bug or feature missing in rsync.

Lapo Luchini wrote:
> Linda Walsh wrote:
>> However the local rsync was build without the external attribute support.
> Yes, configure fails to detect it, with the following error:
> configure:8048: checking for __facl

No, sorry about the noise, that has nothing to do with xattrs, it's the
previous test; also __facl may not found, but _facl is found indeed.

The real reason is the following test:

  configure:8272: checking whether to support extended attributes
  configure:8321: result: No extended attribute support found

...well, judging from configure lines 8272-8321 it seems rsync xattr
support is only available in linux, darwin and freebsd.

So, yes, that isn't "activating a switch" but rater "write a feature",
which could be easy or difficult - I don't know enough about it right
now to be the judge of that; definitely needs some more RTFM regarding
xattrs on my side (and that needs time, which I have little on my hands,
right now).
As usual, the PTC principle applies there to have results faster.

Lapo Luchini -

âThere is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.â (Ken
Olson, founder of DEC, 1977)

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