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setup.exe: Determine Geographically closest mirror programmatically

> Closest mirror?  I'm not sure what you mean by this.  'setup.exe' does not
> require this as a setting.  Actually, there is no such concept.  You need to specify
> a mirror to work with but you can do that with '-s'.

With each superfluous click I lose a user, so it would be best if setup.exe would be run within  without
user interaction.

I am not a network specialist, but
I see two possibilities how I could determine the closest cygwin mirror:

(I) I could compare the IP numbers  of all mirrors to the IP number of the client and make a guess of the geographically closest site.
I would use the site where the first digits of the IP match best and I would then probe a short file to check whether the mirror is indeed working.

(II) This is what I am currently using to determine the fastest database mirror for 3D-structures:
I fetch a tiny probe file from each database mirror and take the one with the shortest respond time.
This method is more simple  but as there are that many cygwin mirrors, I am not sure whether I would run into problems.

When I have the mirror I would set it with the command line option of setup.exe.
I think this would work and could be done easily. Do you have  other ideas?

Could you please tell me the URL of the file with the cygwin mirror list?



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