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256-color screen: test reports?

Anyone who's been trying out the 256-color support in the current test
release of screen, please let me know how that's working for you.  Please
report what terminal you're using (Cygwin, xterm, rxvt, MinTTY, PuTTYcyg,
others?), whether you're able to get 256 colors, and whether there are any
new visual glitches, with and without 256 colors.

I want to move the test release into current, but before I do that I want
to gather some test reports, so I can tell people what to expect with 256
colors in different terminals.

If you want to try out the test release, then run setup.exe, and in the row
for screen, click on the value in the "New" column until it says 4.0.3-3
(for Cygwin 1.5) or 4.0.3-4 (for Cygwin 1.7).  Then hit Next to proceed
with the installation.  With one of those versions installed, you can try
out the 256-color support by invoking screen as

TERM=xterm-256color screen -T screen-256color

if your terminal is xterm, MinTTY, or PuTTYcyg; or use TERM=rxvt-256color
if your terminal is rxvt.  Then from inside screen, run


and read the explanation at the bottom to determine how many colors your
terminal supports.  Then please post your report here.


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