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RE: Reading what should not!

Angelo Graziosi wrote on Monday, September 14, 2009 9:27 AM:

> Mark J. Reed wrote:
>> That makes no sense.  "sudo" means "run as root".  If you're already
>> root, there's no need for sudo, and most systems don't even allow
>> to run the sudo command.
> I do not mean that 'root' need 'sudo'.
>> It sounds to me like your Fedora
> I do not have Fedora but Kubuntu (8.04 and 9.04). On Kubuntu the user
> created in the installation step, say 'pippo', is also 'root' in the
> sense that 'pippo' needs 'sudo' (or 'sudo su') for administrative

On Kubuntu (or any other Ubuntu-derived distro, AFAIK), the root user is
disabled by default; the only way to get root priveleges is to use sudo,
which is set up to ask for your password (whatever user you're running
as when you execute sudo).

So there is no difference between being an Administrator on Cygwin 1.7
and having root priveleges on Kubuntu; it's just that on Kubuntu, you
have to type in your password to get root priveleges, while on Cygwin,
you just have to be an Administrator user.

Bryan Thrall
FlightSafety International

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