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Re: Reading what should not!

On 09/13/2009 10:04 AM, Angelo Graziosi wrote:
Just a curiosity... (I have seen th following on Cygwin-1.7, but perhaps
it happens also on 1.5)

Suppose that there are two users: the administrator (root) and a simple
user (pippo). Suppose that 'pippo' has a file 'foo.txt' with permissions:


Why 'root' can read 'foo.txt'? For example with

$ less /home/pippo/foo.txt

On GNU/Linux, the same command (or with 'sudo') asks for pippo's
password! (Which looks right to me)

Trying to read the same file as 'root', but with Windows applications
(Notepad, for example), fails: one gets 'Access denied' (also if foo.txt
is copied in the 'root' HOME or /tmp, as pippo's file rw-------). Even
this looks right to me...

We've been through this before as recently as the last couple of weeks. This is new behavior with 1.7 and it's there to mimic what one sees in Linux. I can't reproduce your reported results in Fedora 8. For me, if I am 'root', I can see the contents of 'foo.txt' just fine with the permissions you have set on it.

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