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Re: cygwin Digest 10 Sep 2009 16:45:51 -0000 Issue 6623

2009/9/11 Kit Johnson:
> I've just upgraded to the beta version (1.7.0).
> This is now in my cygwin.bat file (definitely
> for the correct, beta, installation):
> @echo off
> C:
> chdir C:\cyg\bin
> set LANG=th_TH.UTF-8
> bash --login -i
> And these lines in my .bashrc file (also definitely the correct
> installation):
> alias ls='ls -hF --color=tty --show-control-chars'
> classify files in colour
> export LANG="th_TH.UTF-8"

No need to set LANG again here, because it gets passed down from
cygwin.bat anyway.

> And yet it's still not listing unicode characters properly. ÂNow that I've
> upgraded, it's not giving any warning messages ("ls: cannot access
> ???????????????? : No such file or directory.")
> when running 'ls' in a folder with Thai filenames. ÂIt's just listing
> ????.doc or whatever.

Looks like it's a limitation in the Windows console's font support
actually, because this doesn't work with 'dir' in cmd.exe either. I
tried listing a Thai filename with all of the three font choices
available in the 'Command Prompt Properties' on my system, all with
much the same results you reported. (The only variation was in the
glyph representing unsupported characters.)

However, since presumably you're using a Thai version of Windows, you
might have more success with trying different fonts.

If not, you should try the 'mintty' terminal instead of the standard
Cygwin console. This definitely does support Thai characters and is
able to use a greater range of fonts than the console.

The stable version 0.4.4 can be installed through Cygwin's setup.exe,
but version 0.5 makes it much easier to set up the locale and
character set. Choose them on the 'Text' pane of its options dialog,
and the LANG variable will be set accordingly. Mintty 0.5-beta2 is
available from


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