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Re: [RFU 1.5 and 1.7] subversion-1.6.5-1 and -2

On 9/9/2009 10:33 AM, Thomas Plank wrote:
David Rothenberger ( wrote:

For me it seems that you have compiled it on your own.
Did it work for you out of the box?

I apply about 13 patches to the upstream sources to create the package for Cygwin.

Horrible! What a pitty, 1.5.6 worked without any patches ...

I applied about as many patches when building the 1.5.6 packages. The most important patch is to get the linking of the various DLLs to work on Windows, which doesn't allow undefined symbols in DLLs like Linux.

By the way: is it Cygwins's fault or have they (subversion's programmers)
changed so much in relation to socket.h (?winsock2.h?)?

It looks like your build errors came from compiling APR from the Subversion dependencies tarball. APR's configure looks for winsock2.h for some reason and attempts to use the Windows socket APIs in addition to Cygwin's. This is what causes your errors when building APR.

Cygwin has a separate APR package (which I also maintain) and the subversion package links against that. I disable the detection of winsock2.h (and windows.h) when building the Cygwin APR packages.

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