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Re: Help needed getting unicode working in bash

2009/9/9 Kit Johnson:
> I'm just getting started with cygwin and really enjoying the linux-like
> functionality under windows. ÂI have one major problem which is displaying
> unicode filenames in bash.
> To be specific about my problem, I do not need to type unicode under bash, I
> simply want to be able to list them (using ls) and archive them (using tar).
> ÂCurrently all I get is this: Â"ls: cannot access ???????????????? : No such
> file or directory."

You need to set up the LC_CTYPE environment variable. For example, if
you're from the US, you'll probably want to set it to "en_US.UTF-8".
This needs to be set before bash is invoked. There are at least two
ways to do this:

1) Add a line like this to the cygwin.bat script in your Cygwin
install directory:
set LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8

2) Set the variable in the Windows environment, either by going to
Computer->Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables and addiing it
there, or by using the 'setx' command line tool that comes with the
Windows Resource Kit Tools (or preinstalled with some Windows

The second method is preferable if you want that variable to be set
when starting Cygwin programs without going through cygwin.bat.


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