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Issue during compiling:

I'm getting an "internal compiler error" when compiling ALE 9.0.3
Source at

./configure works fine.
however, make ends in the following.
I've included the cygcheck.out file as indicated.

In file included from ui/../d2.h:99,
                 from ui/ui_tty.h:36,
                 from ui/
ui/../d2/align.h: In member function `void d2::align::diff_stat_generic<diff_tra
ns>::get_perturb_set(std::vector<diff_trans, std::allocator<_CharT> >*, ale_pos,
 ale_pos, ale_pos, ale_pos*, ale_pos*, std::vector<ale_real, std::allocator<ale_
real> >)':
ui/../d2/align.h:1450: internal compiler error: in invert_truthvalue, at fold-co
Please submit a full bug report,

I searched for the issue, no luck at:!&form=extended&m=bool&ps=10&fmt=long&wm=wrd&sp=1&sy=1&wf=2221&type=&GroupBySite=no&ul=%2Fml%2Fcygwin%2F%25

Potential issues: Running Win7 (Although everything else seems to be
working fine)
Open to trying any suggestions.

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