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Re: syntax for Cygwin bash invoking Win apps

On 09/09/2009 11:27 AM, Ziser, Jesse wrote:


Huh? Last time I checked, bash translates "\"abc\"" to "abc".

Yeah, I don't know what test I did last night that made me think this was right for
bash. The lesson here is that I shouldn't try a bunch of tests quickly late at night. ;-)


Does "handles quoting" mean that it implements the "Quoting" section, and
only that section, of the bash manpage?  I just need to know exactly what
it does.  It clearly does not *only* do quoting.  That's why I
demonstrated the asterisk example.  It is doing at least wildcard
expansion in addition to quoting.  What else is it doing?  I'm trying to
figure this out so I know how to properly escape or quote a general
command in order to execute it from a Windows application without any
unexpected changes.

Yeah, actually I'm not sure I understand what's behind this unpredictable behavior
either. I'd tend to agree with Chris' thought here. It would take more investigation
to track down what's really going on here.

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