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syntax for Cygwin bash invoking Win apps

Hello list,

When I type a command in bash to invoke a Windows application (like cmd.exe, for example), I can't seem to find a pattern in the Windows command line that actually gets executed.? Ordinary bash syntax does not seem to apply in general when the command is a Windows app, but rather, sometimes special characters are interpreted in a bash-like way, and sometimes not.? So, I'm wondering what determines whether a quote mark or something gets interpreted or passed on.

Here are some examples:

$ cmd /c echo "/?"
Displays messages, or turns command-echoing on or off.

? ECHO [message]

Type ECHO without parameters to display the current echo setting.

# OK, so I'm getting the Windows echo, not the bash echo.? Good.
# Moving on...
$ cmd /c echo abc

$ cmd /c echo "abc"

$ cmd /c echo "\"abc\""

# Wahhh?!

Anyone who knows the explanation would make me very grateful.? I've tried this with other Windows apps too, and the same weirdness seems to occur.

On a related note, I've noticed what appears to be an automatic sort of half-bash invocation (but not quite?) or something when I run Cygwin commands from cmd.exe.? For example,

> c:\cygwin\bin\echo hi

> c:\cygwin\bin\echo "hi"

> c:\cygwin\bin\echo "\"hi\""

> c:\cygwin\bin\echo *
myfile myotherfile yetanotherfile ...

And yet...

> c:\cygwin\bin\echo $PATH

What the heck is going on?? Are there any rules here at all?? Sorry if I'm missing something dumb.? And sorry for apologizing for it.? And......

Thanks in advance,

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