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Re: Nondeveloper: Cygwin duplicate dlls -- apache2triad and separate install of cygwin

On 09/08/2009 07:35 PM, Sunni wrote:

One person at our university installed C://cygwin and a few of its
utilities on our Microsoft Server and, then, recently, I installed
apache2triad.  With the install of Apache2Triad, we now have multiple
copies of cygwin.dll       What we would like to know is: (1) If we
delete (or convert to .bak) the C:apache2triad/cygwin1.dll will
apache2triad find the newer version in C://cygwin? (2) Or, to avoid
the conflict, should we simply uninstall apache2triad?   (I am not an
IT person.  Our server has a very, very PT IT person who volunteers
time.  So, we really don't have a developer or IT person to spend much
time creating solutions.  If #1 doesn't work and there is no easy
solution, then I guess #2 is the way we'll have to go.)

#1 will work. cygwin1.dll is backward compatible.

I also have the following output from cygcheck:

We prefer that this info be attached rather than appended.

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