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Bug or feature missing in rsync.

I'm trying to copy NTFS file permisions to a SMB share with ACLS and extended
attributes on top of XFS.

However the local rsync was build without the external attribute support.

I am not sure why -- I was going to use teh --fake-super to store the NT ACL's
on the target file system, but due to the crippled rsync on cygwin, it doesn't

Is this an oversite or is the cygwin version just that far behind the curve?

There's even extended attributes on NT.  So I can't see why the decision was
made not to include such support from the beginning...

Reasoning on this?

Can a new version be compiled with these features in?  If I am rsyncing to
my Domain controller, I'd almost think it should be able to store the ACLS
in a semi-native format (not that they'd mean anything on linux, but
for a WinNT client, they should look the same as local ACLS, no?

Is this fixable?

I asked about it on the NT list, and I was asked why rsync wasn't using
getextattr/setextattr under cygwin, as they said they were present.

I had no answer...

Should it be a reconfig and recompile?

(who hasn't gotten a backup of her sys for some time due to NTBACKUP crashing
at the very END of the bakup (as it is closing the file) -- when it probmptly
removes the 80GB file that took  6-8 hours to create.  Lovely.

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