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Re: How to deploy Application compiled with QT3 in Cygwin to Windows?

Pok Wilson wrote:
Good day,

I have successfully compiled my GUI Applicaton using QT3 in Cygwin.

May I know how can I deploy this Appliation in Windows?

As it requires a X server to run QT3 in Cygwin, when I try to run the application.exe in Windows platform, I get the message "Cannot Connect to X Server".

I can run my Application in the X server.

I hope to be able to run my Application.exe without having connect to X server in Windows so that it can be deployed to Windows platform.

You can't, sorry.

Being Cygwin a Unix emulation layer, you should treat your application as a Unix one: could a GUI Unix application QT3-based run without an X server? No.

If you need to run your application in Windows you have not to make it a Cygwin application but, instead, a "real" Windows application and user/link the Windows version of QT3.


Ciao, Danilo

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