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Re: Norton Antivirus 2010 false detects cygpath.exe, mkpasswd.exe, mkgroup.exe

So true.  I have ran sanity scans on totalvirus dot com and posted the
results on the norton forum.  I also updated to their most recent
version and still got it.  In addition I got a red flag on a different
product which I know is also safe so I have notified them about that.
In the meantime I have switched to an alternative product which I have
used in the past.

Robert Pendell

"A perfect world is one of chaos."

Thawte Web of Trust Notary
CAcert Assurer

On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 2:46 PM, Andy Koppe<> wrote:
> 2009/9/4 Robert Pendell:
>> During basic installation cygpath, mkpasswd, and mkgroup were all
>> detected by SONAR (part of NAV 2010) that it the files emitted
>> suspicious activiry and would be removed. ÂThe files have not been
>> removed (yet) but I will be alerting Norton to this. ÂThis does block
>> the program though and prevents their use to complete the install.
>> Thought to let you guys know about it. ÂThis may also affect NAV 2009
>> or similiar applications (Norton Internet Security, Norton 360).
> "If I had to choose between Norton and a virus, I'd take the virus."
> Someone O. Other
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