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How stable is GCJ?


I might be asking a very basic question, but could not find a concrete
answer to the above question anywhere.

I wanted to Native Compile a Java Program on Windows. Thought of using
GCJ and Cygwin. It worked great for a “Hello world” program. I was
very happy.

My original program was written in Java5, but came to know that GCJ in
Cygwin does not support that (though GCJ does it now). I reworked on
my program and make it 1.4 compatible. I got error in Calendar class
and came to know that it is not supported well in GCJ.

Now my program is giving some strange errors (serialization is not
happening properly, though it works good at some places, program is
end at some place where as per me it should not).

I can spend time in debugging it, but my question/fear is that is GCJ
stable enough to spend time on it. My program uses Java's
Serialization, Collections and Math classes extensively, does GCJ has
good support for these?

Sandeep Jindal

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