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Re: apparent ncurses lib linking problem

   thank you so much for your help.



Charles Wilson <> wrote:

> d.henman wrote:
> > g++  -g -O2  -L../mpegsound -L../nmixer -o nmixer.exe main.o -lncurses  -lnmixer -lpthread -lm -lao -lpthread
> > ../nmixer/libnmixer.a(nmixer.o): In function `_ZN6NMixer14DrawFixedStuffEv':
> > /usr/src/mp3blaster/mp3blaster-3.2.5/nmixer/ undefined reference to `_mvwprintw'
> mp3blaster is making an assumption that is valid only on linux: that
> library order doesn't matter.  On windows, it does.  Notice:
> ../nmixer/libnmixer.a(nmixer.o): ...  undefined reference to ...
> means that the *library*, libnmixer, has the reference to a missing
> symbol.  That symbol is actually in libncurses, which means that
> -lncurses must come *after* libnmixer on the link command.  Thus...
> g++  -g -O2  -L../mpegsound -L../nmixer -o nmixer.exe main.o  -lnmixer
> -lncurses -lpthread -lm -lao -lpthread
> should work (swap -lnmixer and -ncurses)
> --
> Chuck

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