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Re: Simple bash script is slow to execute - appears to be time spent starting commands like ls

David Tazartes wrote:

> So given that, I wonder if our intrepid Cygwin maintainers could be
> convinced to write a kind of compiled bridge that allows for any command in
> /bin to also be run in-process with bash.exe using static linking. I can
> imagine all kinds of weird things one would have to worry about, like piping
> data between processes, forks, etc, but it would conceivably make Cygwin
> 100x faster on Windows. (Perhaps *any* /bin command is too stringent a
> requirement - but the 100 most common ones would be a good start.) I'll
> freely admit that I don't have the time, knowledge or inclination to
> contribute such a thing, but does anyone else have any interest in doing so?

  It sounds like you're thinking of some kind of combination version of bash
with busybox built in?

  I don't think it's ever going to be possible to run one process inside
another, they'd stomp all over each others file descriptors and stuff, but
bash-with-busybox-builtin would be able to do a lot of work by
forking-without-execing, which might be a neat optimisation.


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