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Re: problems with symbolic links

On 09/03/2009 08:57 AM, alf salte wrote:
My setup:

I have a network drive seen in windows as S: and has file type NTFS.
Actually, the file system is ext3 but it seems the software on the network
drive makes it appear as NTFS to windows - properties in windows describe it
as NTFS.


What am I doing wrong?

I think the question is what is the software that's serving up the network drive to you doing wrong. You need to understand more about how the network drive is handled. From what you've described so far, it sounds to me like this file system doesn't support the read-only attribute setting (which _could_ be explained by the partition actually being ext3 rather than NTFS). You could try adding 'nowinsymlinks' in your CYGWIN environment variable and see if that helps, though I expect it won't if attributes can't be set. Setting 'smbntsec' _might_ help but I'm dubious (see I really think you need to go to the source of the problem to resolve it, which brings me back to where I started. ;-)

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