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Re: 1.7: cygdrive files readonly by default

On 09/02/2009 06:06 PM, Vince Indriolo wrote:
Thanks, Larry.  What I mean by external file is a file created by
Windows (not created in the cygwin environment).  Files that are
writable in windows appear to be readonly (000) in the bash shell.  I
assume that because they're owned by me I can chmod them to modify

As a non-domain user, you should be able to create a file in Windows and see that you have access to that file in Cygwin without modifications. Try this at a DOS prompt (and not in bash or other Cygwin shell):

echo foo > foo
ls -l foo

When I do this on my home machine where I'm working as a local user, I see:

-rwx------+ 1 lhall None 6 Sep 2 18:08 foo

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