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Re: 1.7: cygdrive files readonly by default

On 09/02/2009 05:30 PM, Vince Indriolo wrote:
Is there a setting or issue that would result in all externally
generated files in an NTFS filesystem to have 000 permissions?  New
files created in the shell appear to have the correct mask.  However,
I need to chmod every external file I want to modify.

If the SIDs for the files don't match any of the current user on the current system, then the POSIX permissions will be set to 000. So I believe the question is, what does it mean to "externally" generate the files?

Also, is it intended for my user account to have its primary group be

Yes. This seems to be a favorite group of Windows. ;-)

I am using cygwin 1.7 on Windows 7 Ultimate.  Should I be running in
compatibility mode?  Should I install as administrator?

I believe I installed with "Run as Administrator" on my W7 Ultamite home install, which has "None" as my primary group and where I don't see the problem you do. On the work machine, it's W7 Enterprise, though I don't think that's significant.

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