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Re: How to install QT in CYGWIN

On 25/08/2009 11:19, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote: 
On 08/25/2009 04:28 AM, Pok Wilson wrote: 
>I am intending to use QT4.5.3 to create my GUI. 
4.5.3? The latest upstream release is 4.5.2.
??? ??? Sorry my mistake, you're right its QT 4.5.2.

I'm no QT expert (and I actually haven't even touched it in years) but
>from what I can see, only QT3 is available as part of the release.

I did manage to get Qt4 working some time ago. Cygwin Ports provides Qt 4.4.3 for Cygwin 1.5 and 4.5.2 for 1.7.
Not sure how far he got, since Cygwin Ports (
>isn't accessible to me at the moment. So perhaps there is a QT4
> floating around for Cygwin 1.5.x on that site. If not, 
you'd have to build it yourself. 
SunSITE stopped their project hosting some time ago; Ports' new home is:
??? ??? ??? I went to the cygwinports website. As I am quite new to this, I dont really understand what to do. There are some steps to follow.

	1. ??? Use the current Cygwin setup.exe. 
	2. ??? Launch setup.exe, and Download Without Installing from your favourite Cygwin mirror as normal. 
	3. ??? Launch setup.exe again with the -X flag and choose Download Without Installing. 
	4. ??? Add and select (or a sourceware mirror) in the mirror list. 
	5. ??? Select the packages of your choice and their dependencies and updates for download. 
	6. ??? From a Cygwin shell, run this command: 
??? sed -i -e "/^setup-timestamp:/ s/ \(.*\)/ $(date +%s)/" \
??? "$(cygpath -u "$(cat /etc/setup/last-cache)")/"
	7. ????Launch setup.exe once more and Install from Local Directory. 
??? I'm stuck at point number 3. How do i lauch setup again with the -X flag?
??? So is it after following this steps i can install QT4 in Cygwin? If it is possible, can someone who has done this before provide a step-by step instructions on ??? exactly what i must do?

Cygwin Ports
I'm just curious that nowadays applications are all GUI.. I was thinking many people will be facing this same issue as me.. How do you guys compile GUI application in Cygwin?

Please note that Ports packages are supported on their own mailing list.

And to answer the inevitable question: I can't ITP this yet because there are a number of dependencies still missing from the distro.

??? ??? ??? Where can I still get QT 3 if QT 4 fails?

> There is this message from Yaakov a while back about QT4: 

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