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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: screen, now with 256-color support!

> > You're talking about setting e.g. TERM=xterm-256color in the environment by
> > default, but I was asking whether it would cause any harm to put 'term
> > screen-256color' into the default /etc/screenrc. ?Know any reason that I
> > shouldn't?
> Well, yes. 'term screen-256color' sets TERM=screen-256color in the
> environment of programs running inside screen, hence any program or
> script that recognises "screen" but not "screen-256color" will no
> longer work as expected.
> Furthermore, 'term screen-256color' (or '-T screen-256color') does not
> activate 256-color mode in screen. It it screen querying terminfo and
> finding that it is itself running in a 256-color terminal that does
> that.
> Hence, when screen is started with the usual TERM setting of "xterm"
> or "rxvt", you'd end up telling programs running inside screen that
> 256 colors are available when that isn't actually the case.

Got it.  Thanks.

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