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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: screen, now with 256-color support!

> Andrew Schulman:
> >> > TERM=xterm-256color screen -T screen-256color
> >>
> >> Instead of specifying -T screen-256color every time, one can just put
> >> 'term screen-256color' into .screenrc. ?I'll update the docs to show this
> >> when I make the release current.
> >
> > Is there any reason that I shouldn't put this command into the default
> > /etc/screenrc file?
> 'fraid so. Prompted by this thread I wondered the same thing about
> mintty: why not set TERM to "xterm-256color" by default?
> Answer: because /etc/termcap doesn't know about it, and other programs
> that read the TERM variable might not recognise it either.
> Furthermore, user startup scripts that compare TERM to "xterm" or
> "screen" would break.

You're talking about setting e.g. TERM=xterm-256color in the environment by
default, but I was asking whether it would cause any harm to put 'term
screen-256color' into the default /etc/screenrc.  Know any reason that I

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