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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: screen, now with 256-color support!

Andy Koppe <andy.koppe <at>> writes:
> Andrew Schulman:
> > Instructions for starting screen with 256 color support are in
> > /usr/share/doc/screen/README.Cygwin.  In brief, you have to invoke screen
> > as
> >
> > TERM=screen-256color screen
> I don't think that's quite right. Screen needs to be told what
> terminal it is itself running in. This means "xterm-256color" for
> xterm, PuTTY and MinTTY, and "rxvt-256color" for rxvt.
> Inside screen, however, the TERM variable does need to be set to
> "screen-256color" to tell termcap/terminfo-using programs that they
> are running in a 256-color-enabled screen. The -T option can be used
> for that. So, for example:
> TERM=xterm-256color screen -T screen-256color

Andy, thanks.  Yes, you're right.  When I run screen as you suggest,
several color artifacts disappear.  In particular I get 16 system colors
instead of just 8.

Instead of specifying -T screen-256color every time, one can just put
'term screen-256color' into .screenrc.  I'll update the docs to show this
when I make the release current.


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