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Re: GNU screen hangs

On 2009-08-31, Tuomo Valkonen <> wrote:
> On 2009-08-31, Ken Brown <> wrote:
>> Have you ruled out BLODA?  See
> All I can say is that things used to work fine until 
> a cygwin update less than a week ago, which did install 
> new cygwin dlls. After that I have had screen hang a 
> couple of times.

Some new information in:

I was just running X and xterm, trying if I could get more 
info about the X crashes, when suddenly one of my xterms 
hung, completely unresponsive. So it seems like this could 
be a general PTY problem.

This time, I was actually running darcs in the xterm, 
which is a very-very-poorly-working native Windows 
binary (that depends on Cygwin for the build process!),
because darcs can't be built for Cygwin due to no GHC
(Glasgow Haskell Compiler) for Cygwin... and the GHC 
folks don't seem very interested in getting it to build
on Cygwin. I was able to recover the xterm by killing 
darcs (with Windows task manager), however.

I'm not sure what I was running in screen when it hung,
but at least one of the times, it could have been texify
from MiKTeX. (Needed Yap from it, since Cygwin X can not
be relied upon for doing any work in, so might just as 
well stick to MiKTeX entirely, instead of Cygwin TeTeX.)
So, it could be that these hangs have something to do
with the PTY interface code (or whatever -- I don't
know the architecture) to native Windows binaries failing.

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