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Re: 1.7: setup fails to complete download; all later attempts fail

Lee D. Rothstein wrote:
> Setup failed to complete the download on an attempt to update.

> Now, the same thing happens every try. 

> It doesn't fail at the same point each time. It doesn't fail at
> the same point using the same source server.
> Sometimes it will get 98% through and then fail. Some times it
> will fail immediately after selecting, say, "Reinstall All".

> Ideas how to fix/prevent?

  Get a better ISP maybe?

  It sounds like the problem is in the network, rather than in setup.exe.  Are
you getting hit by Comcast's throttling?  If you were able to test the same
computer using a different internet connection and it worked there, that would
be fairly conclusive.  Alternatively, if you have a few gig of diskspace to
spare for testing, you could try using 'wget' or 'curl' to copy an entire
release from one of the mirrors you've been using - if that gets interrupted
part-way through, it'll prove that the problem lies upstream.  Another way to
diagnose it would be to fire up your favourite packet dumper and watch the TCP
stream while you run setup.exe, paying particular attention to the point where
it all goes wrong right at the end.


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