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1.7: setup fails to complete download; all later attempts fail

Setup failed to complete the download on an attempt to update.

Yet, the install continued until that failed as well.

Now, the same thing happens every try. Even if I:

* Redownload the lastest setup
* Shut off my AV program (Kaspersky)
* Change servers
* Delete all prior remnants of downloaded archives in my Cygwin
* Reinstall everything
* Delete all files in /etc/postinstall not having the extension
* Running setup as Administrator
* Shutting down all Cygwin Windows & processes
* Shutting down all other apps including apps like Google's apps
  background crash monitor.

It doesn't fail at the same point each time. It doesn't fail at
the same point using the same source server.

Sometimes it will get 98% through and then fail. Some times it
will fail immediately after selecting, say, "Reinstall All".

I've had this problem before (on Vista 32 Home Premium with setup
for 1.5, and a different, now dead computer ; RIP), and I can't
remember how I got out of it. Currently, I'm running Vista 64
Home Premium -- CYGWIN_NT-6.0-WOW64 GW2 1.7.0(0.212/5/3)
2009-08-20 10:56 i686 Cygwin.

Finally, I don't see anything in setup.log or setup.log.full that
gives me a clue.

Ideas how to fix/prevent?

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