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GNU screen hangs

Cygwin (1.7 -- 1.5 is useless due to non-existent
locale/UTF-8 support, although 1.7 doesn't shine in
that either) was up to just a few weeks ago in a completely
unusable state, because fg was broken, in addition to the 
X server, which has been unreliable for a couple of months
now, crashing every 5 minutes. Then an update a couple of
weeks ago fixed fg, so Cygwin become somewhat usable through
the putty cygterm. But X still could not be relied upon. 
Then a couple of days ago there was a new set of updates
available, including some to X, so of course I tried them.
X wasn't fixed... but GNU screen had been broken, making 
Cygwin again completely unusable, because screen is necessary
with the primitive Windows window management. (Tabbed putty
would help.)

The more specific problem is that GNU screen has started
having random hangs, locking up the entire terminal. 
The hung screen sessions can not be reattached from a 
new terminal either; screen -r will just wait seemingly
forever, although can be stopped with ^C. Even -list
fails usually, although once I managed to get a list,
but not attach anything, and -wipe removed everything.
The hung screen process stayd there in the process 
listing.... Cygwin generally leaves a _lot_ of these 
zombies around, you have to do a manual clean-up at
least once a week.

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