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1.7: cygrunsrv and google desktop search (was: cygrunsrv will not start services most of the time)

I've been tearing my hair out for weeks trying to get sshd running
again after it stopped working. Came across this old thread on cygwin
discuss from 3/26/09 describing the same problem but no resolution.

I finally found a fix, so I'm posting it here for the record in case
it helps others. (And perhaps it's something cygwin can work around)

All cygrunsrv services fail to start.  In my case, cygserver and sshd.
sshd on the command line complains about /var/empty, but permissions
look correct (and it lies - if you start it as yourself, that folder
must be owned by your username, not "root" or even SYSTEM). So sshd
works, just not from cygrunsrv.

Windows' Application Error Log reads something like:
sshd: PID 2088: starting service `sshd' failed: fork: 11, Resource
temporarily unavailable.

Cause: Google Desktop Search's AppInit_DLL. This injects their DLL
into every process in order to attach to programs like IE for
indexing.  Remove GDS, or clear the value of the registry key:

SysInternals AutoRuns can clear this easily, if you'd rather not mess
with the registry directly.

I found a few mentions on Google Desktop Search's mailing list:

Not sure if cygrunsrv can do anything to avoid getting stepped on
here. If you need more details, let me know. Hopefully this helps
someone else.  In the meantime - GDS == gone. I need my cygwin.


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